Monday, August 31, 2009

Yes, Michigan

I titled this post, "Yes, Michigan!" Do you remember the commercial when we were young that sang, Yes, Michigan and then it had some other words, but I don't remember them? Well when I was little, I didn't realize how special Michigan would become to me! That is where my sweetheart is from and that is where we spend holidays and most of our summer. We are privilege to have both Ryan and my parent's on Marble Lake in Michigan.
I wanted to tell you about the weekend and our fabulous friends Josh and Kelli. They are a great couple that we have a lot of fun with! We met them while we were married and they were dating! So we got to see it all; their love blossoming, the call about the engagement, then the wedding, and the birth of their children. It has been fun to be able to go through all these special times with them. All eating ice cream. The kids wouldn't look up for the picture, they're enjoying their ice cream too much!

Josh and Kelli are a lot of fun to be around! Josh is the life of the party and Kelli is so much fun to talk to and is very insightful. As a couple they are extremely generous in giving of themselves and truly have a heart for others around them. They are true friends for life that we know we'll always be there for them and they for us. We just love that Ryan and I can call them our friends!

During the trip we went boating, on the wave runners with the kids, to the park, shopping, and out to eat. Let me tell you that is a lot with 5 children 2 and under. We had to work around naps, but that was our time to rejuvenate. Sleeping arrangements were fun, lets just say none of the couples got to sleep in the same room. It was just the perfect weekend to be at the lake and we were in good company. The beautiful pictures I stole from Kelli. Don't they look so clear? As I tell everyone, "I'm saving for a better camera!"

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