Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Anderson The Music Man!

Our second child, Anderson who is 2 1/2 absolutely loves music! He especially loves guitars and drums. Though he calls his guitar a muitar. He actually says it so much that Avi also calls it a muitar! One of his favorite shows is Imaginations movers. When the show begins you will find Anderson wearing his hat backwards and playing his guitar that he got for Easter. He tells me he wants to look just like mover Dave.
He also loves drums. We do not have a drum set for him at our house. That is on purpose, because we want our sanity. Though my parent's have an adult drum set and Ryan's parents have a kids drum set. So when he goes to their houses he gets his fill. Here is a picture of him last year at Ryan's Uncles house playing.

Last week we went to the Spray Park with our neighbors. The mom's have kids the same age as mine and they are both teachers. One of the moms has girl/boy twins. They too have an "A" theme to their names, Angela and Anthony.
While we were there Anderson decided to get all the sand buckets we had and the shovels and make a drum set. He found a nice little seat in the lawn and set out all his drums. He started playing and then little by little he started to have a following! These two cute little girls came up and sat to listen to him play. They sat on the concrete and listened for quite a while! Their dad and I took pictures to capture this cute moment. At the bottom there is a little video of the moment. Sorry I need to work on my camera skills!

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