Sunday, January 31, 2010

1st Haircut and Fun with Friends!

Our little Ellie got her first haircut on Friday and Avielle got her second haircut. We went to the mall and went to one of those fancy haircut places. My sister's friend Kelly works there and she did such a good job on Ellie's friend, Brynn's hair we had to get her first haircut done by Kelly.
As you can see, she is sitting in a car and waiting a DVD that she picked out, Elmo's World. She didn't cry or even move!!!!
The day turned out really well and such a surprise! I love days when you aren't sure exactly what is going to take place and then you get a call from a friend and then plans get set in place and everyone is going to the mall and I'm able to get the kids haircut!!!! It was so fun to see all our friends and have such a fun Friday with them!

A quick blow dry that Ellie seemed to not be bothered by!

Bye to the MULLET!

Here are our friends watching intensely!

Getting ready for the cut!

Miss Kelly is putting a braid in her hair!

Avielle had about 3 inches taken off. She looks so old to me with her short hair!!!!

We had a fun filled lunch with the Burn's, McMahon's, and Domier's.
Vince and Josh were able to join us for our lunch!

Avi and Bella cruising with their movie star glasses!

Mackenzie and Anderson playing while eating their suckers!

Cute baby Stephanie chilling in her car seat while the kiddos play!

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