Thursday, March 4, 2010

Amazing Baby Shower!

This is my cousin Misty. We grew up together and went to high school together for one year. She is expecting twins, a boy and girl, come April. I just wanted to share her fun and amazing shower with you. Her mom and my mom threw the party and it just turned out perfect and had such detail. Our mom's are quite the party throwers!
Aren't these just adorable with the babies butts? I just wanted to go up and pat their bottoms. One cake was Vanilla and the other was chocolate.

At the baby shower each guest was given a handmade lunch box and all there food was provided in it. The pictures below shows how the lunch boxes have two decks. On the top deck you have a delicious salad and some yummy vegetables and then on the bottom of the lunch box you have shrimp, cheese, pineapple and then a cream cheese loaf with tuna. The food was so good!!!!! I ate everything!!!!
The lunch boxes were great to clean up. Everything in them was disposable, but they did take a long time to prepare.

This is my younger sister Jamie and my cousin Macey

This is my niece Katie Mae! Isn't she so cute with all that dark hair?


  1. Oh wow! What a beautiful shower! You guys could do that for a living!

  2. Wow you guys know how to throw a shower! I am impressed! You have a beautiful family, truly.