Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Extreme Home Makeover

Do you watch the show, Extreme Home Makeover? It is one of Chevy and my favorite shows. I love that needy family get helped and their many prayers are answered and people join together to help out. During the show both my husband and I are usually in tears, but I must say that it is usually my husband. That is one of his love languages to help others, so I think the show strikes a special chord with him.

I also love how the designers ask the children what they are interested in and they decorate their room in that way. After the "MOVE THAT BUS," I love seeing the families reaction and how the designers just blow everyone away with what they have done in just a week.

In my make-believe world, I was thinking what I would say to the designers if they asked me what themes my children's rooms should be.


My little Avi is totally into babies. She loves to be a big sister and a helper to me in her daily routine. Once when we went to the Chicago Children's Museum they had a nursery for babies where you could bathe them, do the laundry, a kitchen to feed the babies, a sleeping area for the babies, and a playing area for the babies. I would definitely tell the designer to make her room into a baby nursery where she could take care of all her babies.


Our only son is extremely creative with his imagination. He is always coming up with scenarios for him and his sister to play. Most of the time they play mommy and daddy and act out our lives by going to the water park, Great America, a parade, a picnic, or the beach. I would tell the designer to make his room into a town where he had a fire station, a restaurant, a grocery store, and so on.


Our youngest is a tough little lady! She loves to climb and be independent. She loves slides and really has no fear! One of her favorite things to do is go upstairs without anyone knowing and shut my bedroom door and jump on my king size mattress, remember she is only 1! I would tell the designer to put pads on the sides of her walls and put a trampoline and a huge slide in her room. She would definitely need mats so she could do somersaults and she would also need a pit she could jump into. It would be nice if they could put her bed inside the pit so when she jumps on her bed she wouldn't fall off and bonk her head!

I'm just dreaming today! What would you tell the designer?


  1. What great ideas. I especially love the idea of the room for your daughter Ellison. I love dreaming. It would be so much fun if we could really have rooms for our kids like that. They would love it. And we as parents would love to see them enjoying their rooms

  2. Wouldn't those be fun rooms! I would love a trampoline in my room!

    I would ask for a Curious George theme for my oldest, a Jungle theme for my middle child, and an animal theme for my youngest...oh wait, he has that already. Hmmm...I'm not very creative, can you tell?