Saturday, March 6, 2010

Special Birthday Wishes!

I want to wish one of my greatest friends, Barclay a Happy 30th Birthday today! These last 10 years I have done life with Barclay and I'm not joking. We got married two weeks apart we had children at the same time and we even became backyard neighbors on purpose! She is a dear friend of mine who I value and cherish to have in my life. She is extremely creative and loves to have fun. Barclay encourages me that anything is possible.

Barclay, I hope you have an amazing Birthday and I pray that you know I'm so glad that we are friends and I'm so glad that you are finally in your 30's! Man you made me wait for 8 months until you caught up with me!

Jump on over to Barclay's blog and wish her a Happy 30th Birthday!!!!

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  1. Just saw this post!! You're too sweet, thanks for the bday wishes and making Sunday such a great day!