Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ideas for Rainy Days for Preschoolers

I always love projects for the kids to do, especially on rainy days or really cold days. I found these two fun projects to do with the kids that help with motor skills and they are not hard to set up and don't make a huge mess. I always find with a lot of projects it takes forever to set them up and takes the kids only a few minutes to finish them or get bored and make a big mess. Then I'm frazzled and tired from running around. So, here are two fun projects!

The directions are above. You just put food coloring in various cups and use an eyedropper to put the water in an ice tray. I think Anderson felt like a scientist!

At the end you put them in the freezer and pull them out when they are frozen and let the kids eat them or just play with them. I really didn't like the idea of eating them, but they had fun watching them melt.

In the next project, I put cubes of ice in a bowel of water and told him to use the spoon to fish out the cubes.

He first uses a smaller spoon.

Then we decide to use a bigger spoon that has a slits in it to drain the water. Anderson and I talked about how it was easier to use the bigger spoon to move the ice cubes.


At the end of both projects it was his idea to mix all the colors in the bowel. It was good to review his colors and he told me an object for each of the colors.

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