Friday, July 2, 2010

The Girls!

This week it was Anderson's turn to stay with Nana and Grandpa in Michigan. So my week has been filled with the girls. My sister came over on Saturday and she said, "Man your house is quiet." I replied, "That is because our boy isn't here!" Though we miss him a lot, it has been a lot more quiet and the house doesn't get as messy when he is gone. I think that is just boys for you!
Friday night, Chevy and Anderson had some boy time and went to Michigan together. Us girls stayed back so we could attend Mackenzie and Stephie's Birthday party and so I could run my 10K that I have been training for 3 months.
The above picture is of my parent's who helped me out that weekend that Chevy was gone. My dad and sister took the girls out to breakfast so I could teach piano lessons that morning and then Saturday evening my parent's took the girls for the night so I could work on my lesson plans that needed to be submitted by the end of June.
Saturday night I had the house all to myself. I worked diligently to get my school stuff completed! It was strange going upstairs and all the rooms were empty!

Here is a picture of the girls throwing rocks. This is Ellie's favorite thing to do at Grammie and Papa's house. She will sit there for hours throwing them. On a side note, my parent's subdivision is called Lochanora and they have a Loch NessMonster in their lake! The neighbor was telling me about these eels that were 6 feet long. I didn't really believe the story, but my friend and I were talking and then we both spotted them in the middle of the lake. They had strange black skin that glistened from the sun. I later told my dad about it and he said these eels are Chinese fish that eat seaweed. About 10 years ago the neighbor next to him put them into the lake to make it look nice and clean. These fish are nice and healthy and huge!!!!
My mom and dad also took Avi for a night, so I could get more work done. The next day they took her to Build A Bear and she had so much fun! This is the bear that she made and she came with adoption papers. Avi also made a bunny for her sister. She came home with strollers for the animals and two outfits for each! She picked the Cinderella outfit for her bear and Tinkerbell for Ellie's bear.

So this is the day of our 10K. This is Kelli, her sister Jen, and me. We got all our packets and stuff and went to the starting line and they called off the race! 12 miles away, there was a big storm heading our way. We were all really bummed. After they announced the cancellation I saw my parent's and my sister with her baby. My mom suggested to run part of it and that they would pick us up half of the way. So we did run half of it and it did start to rain. It was cute that when we were coming to the part where they were parked. My parent's got out in the pouring rain with my daughters and cheered for us! It was a memory that will stick with me forever! Then my sister drove us runners back to Kelli's car. Kelli and Jen said that they saw a lightning bolt hit the ground infront of them, after they were in the car! It was a good thing they cancelled it!

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