Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Frog Where?

We have a pet frog that lives in our basement with our storage stuff and my school stuff. Yes, he is a pet that we decided to just let roam around free! I'm just kidding about that! As of last week we had two frogs living in our basement. But from the picture above you can see now we only have one.
My husband captured the frog with these two cups. The funny thing isn't that we have two frogs living in our basement, but that we have known about them for over a month! I continued to kindly ask my husband to maybe capture them and free them, but they weren't on the priority list.

This is where I do all my school work and when I go down to the basement and open the back door, what do I find a frog looking at me. Of coarse he moves and I just go about my work, because it is not a mouse. I really don't like mice, but I guess frogs are ok?

Here is my brave superman!!!!

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