Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy Birthday My Son!

My spirited boy turned 4 on Friday! As Anderson and Avielle would say they can finally chew gum and now they are finally 4! It has been quite the celebration the last two weeks with their party two weeks ago and then their individual birthdays. This mommy is tired!
Isn't he one of the cutest redhead boys you have ever seen? He already has two marriage proposals!!!!!

My dad and Avi share the same B-day. On Sunday we had a big celebration for the birthdays. We went to my parent's house and had lunch and went on the four wheelers, had fun with the paintball gun, and decorated pumpkins.

Doesn't he look so old here?
The celebration in now over. I will never forget how they are such miracles in their own ways and how God placed them together for a reason. I prayed for many years for these two and I know God has a big plan for them! Happy Birthday to my God twins! I'm so blessed to have both of you in my life!

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