Monday, October 4, 2010

Trinity Homecoming 2010!

Last week we went to the Trinity Homecoming game! This is where Chevy and I went to college and where we met. It was actually Chevy's 10th year after graduation!
Chevy was a junior and I was a freshmen and we had a mutual friend that introduced us. I still can remember walking to one of my classes and Chevy was with his friend Vince and we would all usually say hello, but this time it was different. Chevy had asked me if we could hang out Saturday night. This was in the fall and I of coarse said yes. At the time, I didn't know if it was a date, but after talking to our mutual friend I soon found out that it was a date.
Of coarse, I got dressed nice and had my hair looking good and we went out on a double date to go golfing. Little did I know that a 1 1/2 from then I would be engaged and that in two years I would be married to this wonderful man and that he would be the father of my children. So Trinity is very special to us both! :)
We didn't watch much of the football game. They were getting creamed! We did watch the soccer game and the Trojan's won!
It was funny to see the Chevrier girls were dressed in pink, the McMahon girls were dressed in purple, and the Domier girls were dressed in white! (On a side note, both Kelli and Barclay went to Trinity and I didn't really know them well during the time there) Now I do life with them!

Anderson and Steph were playing some soccer

Baby Domier Brooke

Chevy with Avi and Anderson

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