Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lets Party!

As you know Avi and Anderson had their Birthday last week. The week before that, we had their 4 year old Birthday party with family and friends! Every year that we have had their party it has been miserable weather. Their first Birthday we had it at my brother-in-laws apple orchard and it rained most of the day. Their 2nd year old Birthday party was going to be outside in our backyard, but the forecast showed rain, so we moved it to the Neighborhood Museum. Their 3rd Birthday was at my parent's house and we rented bounces for outside and it was freezing cold outside. You needed to wear a winter coat to be outside that day! The funny thing was that the weekend before all their Birthday parties it was beautiful weather! For this year, I decided to have their party early so we would have nice weather, but more and more I thought about it I decided it was just best to have their party inside. Funny thing is the day I planned their inside party it was a chilly overcast day. Good thing it was inside!
Here are some pictures from Bounces R Us!
This is Bella, Ryan, and Ellie going down the princess slide.
Mackenzie, Brynn, and Avi greeting each other at the beginning of the party.

My mom and Penny

Bella going up the rock wall.

Bella and Luke going down the Batman slide

Cousin Katie Mae cruising around!

Miss Christine and Calli going down the truck slide.

Have giving her favorite princess Cinderella a kiss.

Sweet Abby hanging on the slide.

The boys hanging together (Anderson, Ryan, Austin, and Timmy)

Here are all the kids: Ellie, Geneva, David, Brynn, Jake, Austin, Stephie, Ryan, Bella, Izzy, Kelsey, Micah, Luke, Jackson, Addy, Aaron, Avielle, Anderson, Timmy, Caleb, Mackenzie, Henry, Addison, and Kelsey
This is Auntie Jenny with the matching girls Ellie and Penny. I know that Ellie's hair is quite wild! It was from all the jumping!

Nana and Ellie checking out the cake. The cake had two sides one Cinderella and the other Toy Story and one side was chocolate and the other vanilla.
The Birthday kids!

Happy Birthday Avielle and Anderson!


  1. Just Beautiful Somer!!

  2. That was a fun party. Your kids are so joyful, they are great kids.