Saturday, October 23, 2010


Here is my niece Penny. I have the privilege of watching Penny three days a week. We just all love her so much and when she is not with us the children always ask where their cousin went.
The days that we watch Penny are the days Avielle and Anderson go to preschool. These two girls in stripes, hang out in the mornings together. Funny that both my sister and I put them in stripes that day.

Penny, is quite the busy one these days. She is rolling over, trying to hold her bottle, and talking up a storm!

Ellie just loves her cousin!

Ellie with her bling pacifier.

Penny has such beautiful blue eyes!

Here is Penny and Kaeden having a play date together. These two are 3 months apart.
The other day I found Ellie snuggling in Penny's car seat!!!!

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