Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Our Evening!

Hello from the Chevrier kids! We wanted to give a peak into our evening tonight. Today my car said 105 degrees! That means we didn't spend much time outside during the day, but when evening came you would find us enjoying the weather. Tonight the kids got their suits on and went in the kiddie pool when their daddy spent time on painting the trim.
Here is daddy working hard! Right after this picture was taken he was taking down a gutter and a bee stung him! OUCH!
We are getting new siding done next week to the house. We, I mean Chevy, is painting all the trim before the guys come to install the siding.

Here is sweet Avi posing so pretty. We went to the Kohl's Museum today and Avi has red paint left over from painting her face.

After daddy's time of painting he always tries to make time for the kids. He brought out a water rocket to do with the kids. They were really excited!

Sweet Day! Can you believe there were 3 posts in one week? I have a few good stories to tell. To be continued.....

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