Friday, July 22, 2011

Swim Lessons

This summer we have done a lot of swimming! In June the kids took swim lessons from the park district for two weeks. Avi and Anderson just loved their lessons, but Ellie just enjoyed two days of it.
My mom, my sister, and my nephew and niece came to see the kid's swim lessons. At the park district they have a baby pool that Kaeden, Penny, and Ellie were able to play at.

Kaeden and Penny walking in the water.
Anderson wanted to get a picture with Kaeden.

Sweet boy!

Avi and Mackenzie at their swim lesson.

Avi is such a brave little girl. She really wanted to jump off the diving board at her swim lessons. I told her that she would need to ask her teacher if she would be able to. She got up the courage to ask her teacher and went right to the board and jumped off without hesitation.

She jumped right to her teacher! She is a determined little girl!

Here is Anderson at his swim lesson.

Anderson learned a lot this year. Here he is swimming in the deep end!

Jumping off the diving board.

Since their swim lessons they have been swimming without floaties and jumping off the diving board and swimming to the ladder all by themselves. Anderson swam the whole length of my parent's pool the other day and Papa got him some new goggles for doing it. Avielle can swim half of the pool and by next week she will be swimming the whole thing and Papa has pink goggles waiting for her! I'm amazed at how quickly they have caught on!

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