Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Racine Zoo

We went on a special outing to the Racine Zoo in June for my mom's birthday. We brought the kiddos lunch and had a little picnic. My sister and brother-in-law came and so did Penny and Kaeden. It was the babies 1st time at the zoo.
Here is a pic of the tiger waking up from his sleep. The zoo is a much smaller zoo and is perfect for young kids. We saw all the animals and the zoo is clean and has a fun park for the kids to play on.

Here is Kaeden with the rhinoceros.

They also have kangaroos that you are allowed to walk into their habitat.

Here is a kangaroo passing along! I was shocked that my kids weren't scared. They are afraid of neighborhood dogs!

Another cool place was the bird house. You could buy a stick with bird food and hold it out and a bird would land on it!

Here is Avi with the bird.

My mom became the bird lady! HA! It was such a fun day!

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