Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Why, Why, Why????????

Look at this beautiful blonde and red hair. Where did it come from???? It came from my daughter's gorgeous hair! You ask how did this happen???? I went to go get ready for the day and the kids were out back on the swing set. I looked outside and the girls were sitting on a bench and Anderson was behind them. I couldn't tell what they were doing, but they looked like they were having fun and no one was fighting.

Avi comes upstairs and tells me her brother cut her hair and then shows me a long strand of hair. I freak out and run downstairs. I asked "Did he cut Ellie's hair too?" Yes, of coarse he did. I look at Ellie and the right side of her head by her ear there is a chunk of hair missing. I send Anderson to his room and run outside and find these strands of hair, seen in the above pic. Lets just say I wasn't so happy and started to cry.

Then I evaluated the damage to the girl's hair. I first looked at Ellie's hair and found that I could still put it in pigtails. Though I will need to use a barrette to keep part of the hair up.

Then on to Avi. Thankfully she has really thick hair. Anderson put some layers in the back and then he took off a chunk in the front. Unfortunately he cut 2 inches above her scalp. It is going to be a difficult to get her hair up without a chunk of it sticking up.

This is our 2nd hair cutting incident and I pray it is our last, but you never now. The kids have had a long lecture about making good choices and bad choices. There are consequences with the bad choices. Raising kids comes with a lot of prayer. I'm sure one day I will be able to laugh, just not when I do their hair for the next two years as I wait for it to grow out! HA!


  1. We had one at the beginning of summer...both girls now have bangs. Thankfully it wasnt too bad this time...this was our 2nd time too...AHHH. Someday we will laugh at these things :)

  2. Joys of being a parent!!! Such cute kids.