Thursday, September 10, 2009

College Friends

It is always hard for me to believe that I'm 30 and college was over 10 years ago. Man, time flies. In the picture above there are two of my really good friends in college. Actually both of them stood up in my wedding! Jenny is on the left and she was my roommate for three years. God paired us up as roommates and we became the best of friends. We have many funny stories to tell! I'm still waiting for Chief Joseph to show up! Inside joke. I will need to do a post about him, Chief Joseph, and our journey through college together. On the right is Stephanie, . She met her husband at Trinity and then moved to Arizona. She is deeply missed living so far away. Stephanie's little girl, Abi, is three years old. Her other daughter Leah is two weeks older than Ellie. It is so funny to see Abi and Anderson together. They look like they could be sister and brother! I never knew I would have two red heads! Stephanie was in town visiting her parents. We had the opportunity to meet up with Stephanie and Jenny at the Kohl's Museum. It was so good to catch up and have the kids play at an awesome museum. We actually got a membership if anyone is interested in going? The kids had a lot of fun in the water room. Ellie got really wet! The next day Stephanie and her two kids and her mom went with us to Great America. It was a fun time and we let the kids skip their naps. Ellie ended up sleeping in the stroller. We went to Wiggle's World and then spent most of the afternoon at the water park. Stephanie, my sister-in-law Rachelle and I were able to go on the Viper and on some large water rides. Ryan, my mother-in-law, and Stephanie's mom watched the kids so we were able to go. It was so special to see both Stephanie and Jenny!

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