Saturday, September 12, 2009

I Hate Disappointing?

The other evening Avi and I were driving to gymnastics for her usually class. She starts the conversation saying, "Mommy I want to play soccer with Anderson." I said well, Anderson is going to start playing soccer after Halloween and you can't do both soccer and gymnastics at the same time. Her response, "Aunite Renee did soccer and gymnastics at the same time!" I couldn't stop laughing at her two year old response. I thought where did she come up with this?

Her Aunite Renee was in town last week and I remember talking to Renee about her experience in gymnastics and it must have come up that she also did soccer. Auntie Renee already has their lives planned out with the sports that they are going to play. Auntie Renee is a high achiever so I hope they will be as dedicated as an athlete as she is.

I feel sorry for Anderson, because every time Avi goes to gymnastics he asks when will he be able to go to soccer. He even asked Avi if he could take her gymnastics lesson, which he did once while Avi was in Michigan visiting her Nana! He really was a good listener in the class and did really well. It just breaks my heart to have to disappoint him and make him wait each week. I tried to get him into soccer for September, but they wouldn't let me, because he wasn't 3 at the start of the class. Though he was going to be 3 by the end of the session. I think that was unfair, that is a mom talking! My mom even offered to pay for Anderson to take gymnastics. Both Ryan and I feel that we want them to be in individual things, so there won't be competition. I keep telling him that he will get to do soccer after Halloween, when he is 3! So poor Anderson I hate breaking your heart each week. I love you!

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