Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Where Is Your Hair?

I was teaching piano on Saturday morning so Ryan took the kids out to run some errands. I know Ryan is amazing to take all three kids out all by himself. I must admit I very rarely take the kids out to run errands, because it is too frustrating and I don't have the patience.
Ryan went to CVS first to take advantage of our 20% off coupon and then he saw that there wasn't a long line at the Great Clips next store and he went in to get Anderson a much needed haircut. Yes, he took all three kids in with him to get Anderson's hair cut. Amazing I know!
Now we use gel on Anderson's hair to make it spiky or mold it into a mohawk. He loves it when we make it into a mohawk. I think all the ladies comment on it and he loves the ladies. So don't you just love the style in the below picture, exhibit A?

Now in exhibit B, you will see a much different haircut. I believe Ryan asked the woman to leave the top long and the sides shorter. Well, I don't think she heard his request and shaved the whole head the same length. So I'm very disappointed with his new look. I think his hairstyle looks like Jim Carry in Dumb and Dumber!

Thank goodness hair grows and we can start over!

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  1. Oh, I think he looks cute! You're right, it will grow super fast. you can spike in it a week or so. the mohawk...may take a bit longer :)