Thursday, September 24, 2009

Helpful Avi

I just want to brag about my little Avielle. She has really matured in the last month and is becoming a little me. I hear her say my sayings and talk to her sister and brother the way I would, by saying come here honey. Lately she has been saying, "Oh, my gosh!" I didn't realize it, but I must be say that a lot. I continue to correct her and say, "No Avi, it is Oh, my goodness!" So now she corrects herself.
The below picture is of her putting her baby in the booster seat. She absolutely loves babies and loves taking care of them. In the mornings I find Avi and Anderson playing with their babies. Yes, Anderson does have a baby and it is blue. He always pretends he is the father and she is the mother.
Also in the mornings Avi is so helpful to me. When I am taking a shower she will say to Ellie, "Come play with me Ellie." She is really helpful to me and her sister Ellie. Though I must say Ellie is very strong willed and isn't so nice to Avi. Avi just persists and asks her if she would like to do something else.

Below is Avi helping out with the babies, Brynn and Ellie. Well, there not really babies, but toddlers.

When Ellie sees someone on the floor she loves to roll on them. I know it is quite strange! Avi is such a trooper and she will get on the ground and have her sister roll on her, as you see in the picture below. They just giggle together!

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