Thursday, April 8, 2010

Eggs, Eggs, Eggs!

You have guessed it, this post is all about eggs! First I want to tell you a funny story. The Monday before Easter my project for my class was to decorate eggs. I boiled 3 dozen eggs for the kids to decorate and then they were to take them home in a plastic bag. Well, the day after class I went to make Avielle some scrambled eggs and cracked the egg and it was hard boiled. I thought that was strange and then I realized I took the wrong egg carton to school with the unboiled eggs. I'm so embarrassed that I sent home unboiled eggs with the kids. I hope the kids and parent's didn't try to crack them!!!!!

So the kids have been going on a lot of egg hunts and have gotten a lot of candy!!! I have so much candy in my house! The first egg hunt that we went on was with my MOPS girls at my friend's Kelli's house. She had all of us over for an egg hunt and it was such a beautiful day that we played outside and the kids bounced on the bouncy. Then she made yummy snacks for us all and we made crafts and colored Easter cookies. It amazes me that she put the gathering together in one day and was so prepared!

Our Friday Easter egg hunt was supposed to be with our friends, but we were unable to go, because we had a time crunch with church that night. Domier's, our kids were so bummed that they missed out!
Our next Easter egg hunt was with our neighbors. Unfortunately the day was really rainy! Mr. Mark, as we call him, stuffed 500 eggs with candy and spread them all over the lawn. Here are all the kids in their rain outfits. It was neat that the kid's cousin Kailyn was able to come join the fun!

Our weekend was so busy so we didn't even have time to decorate our own Easter eggs. So the day after Easter the kids decorated their eggs and had a lot of fun. Though Avi ended up spilling all the yellow dye and that wasn't so fun!
Now every morning Anderson wakes up he asks me if it is Easter and if we are going on an Easter egg hunt!


  1. Awww...that is so cute! My kids also love hunting for Easter eggs! Now we have a ton of them, but I managed to take care of some of them...if you know what I mean!

  2. Your pictures are wonderful. Such cute little ones.