Friday, April 16, 2010


Don't they both look so Innocent and cute in these two pictures? Well, when I took these pictures of them they were both in a lot of trouble!!!!!!!

Look at this sweet face! Her brother and sister would never do anything to change it! Right? You guessed wrong. SCROLL to the next picture!

I was on the phone today talking to my friend Shari and the kids were quiet, so I kept on talking. When I got off the phone this is what I found! Avi and Anderson put makeup all over Ellie's face! She must of sat there the whole time, because I didn't hear her cry. The kids also told me that they put makeup on the dog! Oh, the joys of being a mother! I was upset that they used my makeup, but I did chuckle a few times! Remember my post from the other day, about when it is quiet there is trouble?


  1. Whoopsies! Yup, totally innocent faces. Gotta love it!

  2. Oh my goodness Somer! Sorry I kept you on the phone so long! I sympathize with you Ellie-I know what it's like being the 3rd child and getting ganged up on all the time:-(.

  3. LOL That was too cute....they look so innocent and poor Ellie look so daggon adorable with her binky in her mouth and her face covered in make-up :)