Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Good News!

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers for my sister and brother-in-law. Their meeting with the birth parents went really well. My sister described them as very young and they had a lot of fun talking with them. The birth father has already signed his rights off and the birth mother sounds like this is her best decision to give the baby a better home.
My sister told them that they would keep the name Caden that the birth parents chose for the baby and the birth mother cried, because she thought that was so special. After their meeting together the counselor talked with the birth parents about how it went and they asked about my sister and brother-in-law's tattoos. It turns out the birth parents both thought the tattoos were really cool. Go figure!
One more thing, the birth parents are not a couple that is together, so they chose Jamie and Chris separately out of all those books. Isn't that neat that they were both their #1 choice.
Well I will let you know when little Caden is born. It is any day now!

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  1. That is so exciting that it went so well!!! Still praying for everyone! What an exciting time.