Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Decorations!

The kids decided to make some new changes in our house. They decided to make our living room tent central! As you can see there is a girl tent and a boy tent. For the afternoon Anderson and Avi had some make believe friends that they called their girlfriends and boyfriends. They each served a meal to them and then they would disappear and they would go find them.
I'm just envisioning what life will be like when they are in high school together and I can just picture Anderson asking Avi, what girlfriend did you invite over for dinner? I can also see Avielle asking, "Anderson can you and your cute friend take us to the mall?" This will all be interesting as I did not grow up with a brother, but only sisters.
Lets just say it is good that I have a lot of time to cover them in prayer!

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