Friday, July 23, 2010

Garage Sale!

I know that I told you in my last post that we had a garage sale last week. Well my neighbors Kara and Jason had a garage sale that weekend. Well I found a lot of treasures at their sale! Look at this cute Vera Bradley bag that I got for $5!
I'm so excited that I can use it for a diaper bag. There are three wholes for three sippies!

Kara has cute style and I found this shirt for 50 cents! I just love the color!

Kara has made this wreath that matches perfectly on my blue door. She has one on her door that I just love!

She also made this fall wreath!

Kara used to work at a movie store so she was selling a bunch of Disney movies for $1. I bought a few more than these, but we have been watching Disney movies a lot. The kids haven't seen most of them before.
Then they were selling a box of Christmas lights. You can always use these. So I know that I had a garage sale to get rid of things and then I found more things to add to my collection. Kara must have thought it was so funny how I kept coming back for more things. I might have been their best customer! Thanks Kara!

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