Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Party!

The last three Christmas' we have had our good friends over for dinner to celebrate Christmas with them. Like I said in my last post these friends are our second family and it is just a fun evening, especially for the kids.
That night we had the kids dress up in their Christmas dresses and kept them in them for about an hour before they were in their pajamas. We just had to take pictures of them! In the picture below Ellie is missing, because she didn't want to be in the picture! Her dress does match her sister's.
I made pot roast for our main dish. Doesn't look very appetizing raw, but it tasted so good. Pot roast is a really easy meal to prepare, but it just takes a while to cook. Also in the pot roast pan is potatoes, carrots, onions. The house smells heavenly while it cooks!

Then we made a craft. Since the kids are learning their letters we focused on the letter "J." The kids colored a picture of Mary and Jesus and then we made a candy cane with red and white beads on pipe cleaners. It was totally age appropriate for kids 18-4 years old.
Candy Cane Poem
"Look at a CANDY CANE, what do you see?
Stripes that are RED like the BLOOD shed for me!
White for my Savior, Who's sinless and pure!
"J" is for JESUS, My Lord that's for sure!
Turn it around And a staff you will see---
Jesus, my SHEPHERD, is coming for me!"

Later the kids opened presents. In the picture below Josh is helping his daughters, Mackenzie and Stephanie open their present.

My two favorite boys! My husband, Chevy and my son Anderson!

For dessert the kids made cupcakes of rein deers, though they made their own concoctions!

Our two adoptive miracles! Here is Avi meeting Katie for the first time. Katie is two months old and I'm so happy that Katie and Avi get to grow up together and that Shari and I will have each other for support. The two of them are almost exactly 3 years apart! They were both born in October! Aren't they both so beautiful?!?!

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