Friday, December 18, 2009

Special Gifts!

Yesterday we had our dear friends over and we celebrated Christmas together. Our friends are so special to us and we support each other and call each other family. I will share more about our little party with you later, but I wanted to share these adorable gifts that we received from our friends! In the above picture we got this adorable ornament from the Lyman's! I just love family ornaments. Wow, are family is so big!

Below the kids are wearing T-shirts with their first initial on them. Auntie Barclay made each of the kids these shirts and they are so precious! Now Barclay doesn't sew, but with the help of her mother she made these for the kids! I'm impressed Barclay!

Then our dear friends the McMahon's got the girlie's these cute hats! I just love how cute they look on the kids. Avi just loves wearing it! She looks so hip.

Thank you friends for your well thought out gifts we will cherish them, but most of all we cherish your friendship!

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