Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hot Cocoa?

My mom gave me this really cute idea to make cocoa mix as a gift. They are fun to make and my little helper, Avielle just loves helping me make them! When Anderson was in Michigan with his grandparent's, Avi and I stayed up late and put these together. It was so fun to be able to give her my undivided attention and for us to work together on something. She had such a big smile the whole time and acted grown up as she poured the ingredients.
At first I was thinking, "What have I gotten myself into letting her stay up!" I soon found spending time together is one of her love languages. It was great to be able to feed her love and to grow closer together with her through this bonding time. She truly is a lot of fun and it is fun to see her grownup personality come out.
We decided to give this cute holiday treats to our friends, neighbors, and Chevy's co-workers. Avielle just loves handing them out!

Another side note, Avielle is wearing an Elmo shirt, which I was never a fan of characters on clothing, but isn't it a cute outfit? I'm changing my ways on characters on clothing. I used to think it looked silly and babyish, but now with my own kids if they like that character than I am all for it! I love hearing Ellie point out Elmo all day on Avielle's shirt. Funny how your perspective change. I must say my perspective has changed in so many ways after becoming a mommy. That is another post!

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  1. What a lucky girl to have such a great mom like you.