Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy Meal?

The above picture is a bucket of McDonald toys that sit outside our garage door. As you can see it is overflowing with toys and I don't think I can add much more to the pile without it toppling over. I usually use these toys during long car rides, in restaurants, or I put a blanket outside on the lawn and the kids play with them on the blanket when it is warm outside.
This pile is getting quite large and I can't believe how much we do go to McDonald's. My husband currently loves the boy toys, Nerf. He has more fun with the little toy then Anderson! My question is what to do with these toys? I hate to throw them out to make room for new ones. So I did some research on McDonald toys and their value. I came to this site and saw this conversation.

I have 100 unopened McDonald toys still in their bag from 1994-2005. How much can I get for these toys?

Sorry to say they are not worth much value. Because the toys were made in mass value. Maybe in 100 years they will be valued?

There is my answer, they are not worth keeping. So I guess I will sort through them and pick out the ones that are used the most. Can you believe a person has collected McDonald toys from 1994-2005? That is amazing and crazy!?!?!?
What do you do with your McDonald toys?

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