Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sleeping Beauty!

I have a funny story to share about our youngest child Ellie, or our "Sleeping Beauty." Yes, that is Ellie sleeping on the floor in our basement. Yesterday, the kids went outside to play in the snow and Ellie wanted to stay inside. I got out her coloring things and she colored for a while. Then she wanted to get down and went to the basement to play. Avi and Anderson came in from the snow and I took off all of their layers and then Avi wanted to paint and Anderson went to the basement. I decided to go check on Ellie and then I found her on the floor with her blanket and in her high healed shoes sleeping. I want to let you know this has never happened! I thought this was quite wild, but I would agree she is my child that will sleep anywhere and has now proven it!

A side note Anderson was playing downstairs and didn't even notice her! I guess she just blended in with all the toys! HA! He isn't much for detail!

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