Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Shirts!

When we were out for Thanksgiving Ryan's family who live in Michigan offered to keep one of the kids for the week. We thought Avielle was going to stay for the week, but at the last minute she said she wanted to come home and Anderson wanted to stay. It was actually Anderson's turn to stay in Michigan for the week, so it worked out perfectly.
The kids always have such a fun time with Nana and Grandpa. Of coarse they are spoiled a ton, but isn't that what grandparent's are for? Anderson even had a play date with his friend Addison while he was out there! Addison was staying with her grandma for the week and the kids met at the park to play. I think both Pamela and I thought that was really funny as we were at home in Illinois setting up the play date!
My mother-in-law is crafty and she actually used to own a craft store when my husband was little. Isn't that funny my husband grew up in a craft store? I showed her some Christmas shirts that I just love from the etsy shop and she decided with all the free time she had, just kidding, she would make them. Remember Anderson is full of energy, so I'm not sure when she had time to put them together?
Thank you mom so much for the cute shirts and the adorable red bows. I love dressing the kids in them and they are extra special, because you made them!


  1. SOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!! How do I order them;)?

  2. I think she charges $50.00 a shirt. Is that ok? Just kidding!

  3. The shirts are adorable! Addison thought it "was crazy that Anderson was with his grandma too!"

  4. So cute!! She should open her own Etsy shop with all of her free time! : )