Thursday, January 21, 2010

Red Heads?!?!

I get two common questions when I am out and about with the three kids. One question I usually receive, "Are they twins?" If I'm in a rush I say, "Yes," but if it is someone that I will have a long conversation with I tell them their special story of how they are five days apart and God placed them together. I never want anyone to ever think that I'm tired of telling their story, because I'm definitely not! I witnessed and got be be apart of a miracle and I want to tell everyone of God's faithfulness and He hears all of our cries and knows our heart!
The other question I get, "Does your husband have red hair?" Or "Where does the red hair come from?" Yes, my two biological children have red hair and to be completely honest I never thought that I would have a redhead! When I was dreaming about our son I thought that he would either have dark hair like his daddy, blond hair like his mommy or brown hair. As you can see from our picture above my husband has dark black hair and I dye my hair. The day my son was born I couldn't believe the color of his hair. We did Invitro with our son, so I must admit that I thought they switched my egg with someone else and that is why he had redhair. Which I know that is so not true, but I'm just being honest with what I was thinking at that time, because I was so shocked!
Our youngest daughter was also born with red hair and then I realized my husband and I have a very similar gene, we can both make beautiful redheads! " For Christmas my mother-in-law got me this adorable book called, Little Redheads Across America. It has pictures of redheads from every state. I have already e-maiedl the author of the book to see if my two little redheads could have their picture in the next book or on her site.
I love the page on, "How Did You Get Your Red Hair?" The gene comes from the grandparents. It is funny that both Chevy and I don't have any redheaded relatives, except my cousins daughter, so it must skip generations. I must tell you that both my grandma and Ryan's grandma prayed for a redhead. There prayers were answered and I just love that they have red hair.


  1. Can I just say how much I love this!! Life as a red head is never boring and it is great to have them recognized and seen as so special. I need to find that book! Love ya and miss ya!

  2. I LOVE red hair and I think your red heads are just adorable :O)