Thursday, January 7, 2010

Great Deals

Yes, I am writing about this great deal that I got at Gymboree. I know pathetic, but I like good deals and I love Gymboree, but only for my girls. I actually think that some of the boy stuff isn't so cute. Now I'm not saying that all the of the boy clothing is bad, but I prefer H'n'M or Gap for my little man!
When we were in Michigan Ryan and I were on our date night and we were at the mall getting my jeans hemmed. While we were there we passed by Gymboree and I just pleaded Ryan to go in. Being the nice husband that he is we went in and boy I'm I glad we did. They were having a huge sale! On a side note, kids clothing has become more fun for me than my own clothing! Is there something wrong with me? Though I must say that I'm not a big shopper, because who wants to lug around three small children? So I don't get out much to the mall and when I do I would rather go into the kids clothing department than my own. The clothing always fits them when you take it off the hanger and it is less expensive than I could buy for myself!
So I just had to share the things I got from Gymboree at such a great price. I just couldn't pass 99 cent shirts. Isn't that quite amazing for Gymboree?

Here are some 99 cent tanks for my little man. They are cute for Gymboree!

This shirt is $2.99 and I believe the shorts are 3.99. I know when I was a kid I loved recess. Though my oldest, who is 3, doesn't even know what recess is!

The sandals cost $7.99 which is probably not a big savings, but aren't they just so cute?

Okay, this tank top cost 99 cents and the shorts cost $2.99!

I got this dress for both my two girls and it cost $4.99! I absolutely love matching them so for $10.00 I am able to match them!

I got this dress for my oldest and it to cost $4.99
What stores do you like to shop at for your kiddos?


  1. How cute...was it at an outlet mall or the regular gymboree? I might have to run there...they are great deals! I think most moms enjoy shopping for their kids better then you are TOTALLY normal! As you said..the stuff pretty much fits them great off the hanger...not so much us mommies!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You got some cute things for great prices. I really shop at the big consignment sale for my kids. It is twice a year here in Oklahoma. I get most of their clothes there. I also like to shop at The Children's Place.

  3. geez, I miss living near a gymbo! I love your redheaded boy! He looks like my red headed boy! :)