Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Michigan Christmas

The Saturday after Christmas we headed out for our 6 hour drive to Michigan, but on this trip we went through a snow storm. Unfortunately, it took us more like 8 hours to get there. The best time to travel for us in leaving later around 5:00 pm it breaks up the trip by stopping to eat dinner and then by 9:00 the kids are usually all asleep. It has become our tradition to stop at Culver's on our way for dinner. We have managed to go every year since the oldest two were 3 months old. The Culver's in Indiana is so nicely decorated for Christmas. The above picture is of the girls and I at Culver's. The travel went pretty good for the most part. I just must say thank goodness for TV! :)

Here is Nana and Grandpa with their grandchildren on our Christmas morning!

This is Chevy and Anderson reading the Christmas story from the Bible.

Here are all the big kiddos and little ones! Ellie is sitting on his Auntie Rachelle's lap and Avielle is sitting on her Auntie Renee's lap! Nana dressed me and the little girls in penguin pajamas. Aren't they cute?

Auntie Renee holding Avielle for a picture.

This was our present to Nana! It is pictures of the kids in their hats that I took with my new camera!

Avielle opening her gift from Auntie Renee. It is a leotard for gymnastics!

These are now Chevy's favorite pair of pajama pants. Yes, that is the Red Wings symbol. When he comes home from work, he is almost always in them!

Anderson with his new sword!

Auntie Renee got Anderson a soccer outfit. Chevy is short for our last name, Chevrier!

We spent time at the mall and then we went to Jeepers on Wednesday. The kids had fun, but man it was a mad house there! I wouldn't wish that on anyone! I actually felt sorry for the workers there.

We had a nice relaxing time. Here are the girls watching their favorite show, "Piggy Toes!"

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