Sunday, January 10, 2010


Tomorrow is the BIG day! Yes, I am going to be a teacher again. In the past life, before kiddos, I was a 2nd grade teacher. I recently received a call about teaching at a school that only meets twice a week. It is a Classical Christian School where teachers teach on Monday and then parent's home school during the week. On Thursday there are enrichment classes offered. I'm impressed by the structure of the program. They have graders that come in on Monday's and grade the students papers from the week they were home schooled. There is a guidance counselor for the high school students who help with transcripts, ACTS, scholarships, etc.
You might be asking what am I teaching??? I am going to be teaching ages 3-6! I'm privileged to have my two three year old with me. The other day my daughter told me that she is not going to be calling me mommy in class, but she will call me either teacher or Mrs. Chevrier. I thought that was really cute. I told her that she can call me mommy!

Here are the bins of materials that I'm bringing with me for the day. It is a long day lasting from 8:00-3:45. I think I over planned, but we will see. I know my kids have a really short attention span.
So, my babies are going off to school and I get to be their teacher, which is perfect for a person who is a control freak!!!!! Yes, that is me, when it comes to my kids. Our little Ellie will be in the nursery class for the day. I'm praying that she will do well. Just today in church nursery she had a hard time and that was only for an hour and a half! Please pray for her, that is one of my biggest worries that she will do well.
I'm off to bed and not looking forward to getting up at 5:45 and getting the kids out of the door by 7:00. Though I'm excited about tomorrow!!!!


  1. This is so neat! I have never heard of such a school - how great! I hope you have a wonderful first day teaching!

  2. How exciting!! What a great way to go back to teaching! I am sure it will be wonderful to go for 2 days a week and not 5. :0) How fun to have Avi and Anderson with you during the day too. Hope the went well...and fast!