Monday, January 18, 2010

Monkey Sickness!

On Thursday, we went to Monkey Joe's with my cousins and their daughters. The kids had a blast running around and I've come to the conclusion, my little Ellie has no fear!!!!!! She is 19 months and she wanted to go up and down the huge slides. I couldn't believe it!!!! I was exhausted from chasing her and actually broke a sweat! The kids were able to play with their cousin Kaylin, who they have a lot of fun!
So, I'm not blaming Monkey Joes's, but after we had a delightful time there my son woke up throwing up all night. I believe he had the 12 hour stomach flu. I don't know if you run into this dilemma, but I go crazy being home and not having outings, but I also don't want the kids to get sick when we go out in public. So, when we do go out in public I just pray and hand sanitize!
My little son was great being sick. He is definitely tough. Then I realize this sickness might go through the whole family! Avi got it Saturday night and I also caught this wonderful sickness that night. I was miserable!!!!! Thankfully it was only 12 hours and I'm praying that Ryan and Ellie don't get it! I must admit my kids were tougher than me!!!!!

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  1. yuck. we went to monkey island one time and 2 weeks later my daughter had lice. none of her friends did, so we decided to blame that place! its fun, but when you go to those crazy places you always bring something home with ya...and it's usually not something good.