Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Teaching Day!

On Monday, I became a teacher again. Avi and Anderson were my students and little Ellie went to the nursery for the day. I have 6 boys and 1 girl in my morining class, including my kids, and their ages are ranging from 3-6. My two kids are the youngest. In the afternoon, I just have the three older boys and my two. The kids were so well behaved and all played nicely with each other. I must admit that my son was the child who most misbehaved! I know sad!!!!! I'm praying that next time he will be a better listener and want to participate in the activities that we do in class.
The day was centered around the letter "J." We practiced writing our "J," finding words that start with "J," eating Jello, having jellybean relay races, and drawing pictures of our favorite part of January. For math we focused on shapes and had centers where they had shape activities. I thought that I had over planned for the whole day, but we accomplished everything I had planned, which was perfect. The above picture is of Anderson and Avielle on our trip home from school. Yes, they fell right to sleep. Sorry I was so busy during the day that I didn't get to take any pictures of the kiddos.
Ellie did pretty good in her class. The teacher said that she has fallen in love with Ellie, which I knew would happen, because she is such a sweetie! She said that she had her moments of tears, but would get over them and go back playing. The teacher said she had her two favorite blankets out and fell asleep on the floor while the other children were playing!
It was nice when we got home it was 5:00 and Chevy got home from work at 5:45. He cooked dinner for us as the kids and I relaxed. Then I went to my Body Fusion class, which is really relaxing! It was a long day, but it was fun!


  1. How exciting! It sounds like the day went great and looks like the kids had such a good time it wiped them out :o)

  2. Sounds like it went well. And that you enjoyed it as much as they did!

    you had commented on my blog about my running... I didn't know where to respond, so I chose here and I am so glad. I love the story of how you had your children... so nice! I had friends that also "couldn't" have kids and miraculously have 4!

    Anyway, I am training for a half marathon. It is in 2 weeks!!!! I am so nervous and excited at the same time. It is so much hard work, but makes you feel so good after you do it. Who knew I loved running so much? And who knew that 4-5 miles would ever be thought of as a short run!!! We were given an online trainer and a training schedule for the 12 weeks before the marathon. Good luck with your race and the teaching!