Sunday, August 15, 2010

Our Arizona Friends!

I was privileged to have my friend Stephanie, a college friend, come stay with us. She is originally from Illinois, but moved to Arizona after college. My friend Jenny also from college (seen in the picture below) spent the day with us. They are both friends who we can just catch up with each other even though we haven't seen each other in a while. I just loved spending the day with them. We had plans of going places, but once we met up we just stayed at the house for the whole day. The kids played so well together!
Stephanie is having another baby in November and I was so proud of her in how she came to Illinois with her two beautiful girls and being pregnant! She is brave!

Here is Jenny playing with Avielle and Leah! Jenny is so good with the kids!

Here is Anderson, Avielle, and Abi playing together. Abi turned 4 in April, so the kiddos are close in age!

Here is cute miss Leah. Leah and Ellie are only two weeks apart.

Yea for Redheads!
When the kids met, Anderson said to me, "Abi has red hair just like me!" They bonded together well!

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