Thursday, August 12, 2010

Such a Big Girl!

Tonight we put our youngest, Ellie in a toddler bed. We used Anderson's bed and as of right now Chevy is putting together Anderson new bunk bed. We got his bed from Ikea and let me just say it is not easy to put together. I'm so excited to see Anderson's face when he comes home from Michigan and sees his new bed.
Ellie was excited to go to bed and I'm interested to see how tonight will work. She still gets up about once a night when she is in her crib! When Anderson was transitioning to a toddler bed he would get out of bed in the middle of the night. He once went to the kitchen and got spoons from the kitchen and then went up to his room and started banging on the walls. I'm just praying that Ellie takes after her sister and asks to get out of bed. Though for the last two weeks Ellie has been climbing out of her crib.
I was disappointed about Ellie's crib. The crib is a conversion crib and moves into a toddler bed and then into a twin bed. Chevy and I looked at the directions and found that we were missing a rail for the toddler bed. Then I read you have to purchase it and it costs $60.00. We were bummed about the price and then just decided to use Anderson's toddler bed. I then looked at the twin bed parts and they cost $150.00. I guess I should of done more research on the crib before I bought it. I just assumed that this crib would save us money and I don't think I thought of these extra costs.

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