Sunday, August 8, 2010

Yea God!

Jamie and Chris are now Mommy and Daddy! The birth parent's signed the papers yesterday at the ceremony. The birth family had a ceremony it was really special. The sister's of the birth mother made a blanket for Kaeden with his name on it, Kaeden Lee Sittler. My sister gave a picture in a frame of Kaeden to the birth mother and she started crying.
The birth mother is really sore from the labor. She was pushing for over 3 hours and they had to use the vacuum to get the baby. Her milk is beginning to come in, so she is in a lot of pain. I asked my sister if she was emotional and she had said that she would break down crying and then be okay. I asked how the birth father was doing and she had said that he was really emotional. If you could pray for the birth family that would be great!
When I was talking to my sister last night she was just in shock that she had a baby. She received this call 3 weeks ago and now she is a mommy. That is a lot to take in! I think it is also really difficult as it was for me to be taking a baby from someone and see the pain that they have. The birth family knows that this is the right decision for Kaeden, but it is difficult to let go.
We are in Michigan right now and I will be able to meet him tomorrow. I will get pictures up of my new nephew this week! My parent's now have 5 grandson's and 4 granddaughter's! Now all three of my sister's have children! God is good and He is faithful! He hears our cries and comforts us!