Tuesday, August 3, 2010


This week my baby, Avielle has been attending VBS. Anderson went to Vacation Bible School in June for the week while Avi was at Nana and Grandpa's house. I really thought that Avi wouldn't be interested in going to VBS, because she is not much for new situations. For instance at Sunday School she is not happy about going and can sometimes cry and at gymnastics she would put up a fight about going. So, when she kept asking me when it was her turn to go to VBS I thought well okay I'll sign you up. Her buddy, Bella was also attending so she was excited about going.

Here she is at VBS, the theme is High Seas. After the first day of VBS I asked her what she learned and she told me that God's Word it TRUE and then the next day she told me that, God's Word is comforting and the next day that God's Word is surprising! I was shocked about all that she had learned and the praise music she was singing! Well worth $20!

Avi and her buddy Bella!

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