Thursday, January 5, 2012

1st Christmas

It turned out that the kiddos had 3 Christmas mornings! I know SPOILED! Chevy and I had Christmas morning with the kids Christmas Eve. We told them that Santa came early and we celebrated with our little family.

Anderson woke up at 5:00 that morning and saw the Christmas presents. Chevy and I were not too happy with the time and tried to get him back to sleep. We held him off till 6:30. Here are the kids waiting till we told them they could come down.

Here they are opening their stockings.

Then over to the presents. This year we got them a tablet to share. They just love our Ipad, so we decided maybe we could get them a group gift and the games for the tablets are only around $2.00. We also got them a gift cards to Build A Bear. Which after we got dressed that day we went to Build A Bear and they got to make their own bears. Ellie and Anderson hadn't been there before and it was a fun family activity to do together!

Each of the kids got each other a present. Anderson REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, wanted a harmonica. Avielle got the harmonica for him and he gave her a hug! SWEET!!! :) Chevy went and got us all a hot breakfast and then we headed off to Build A Bear. After that we hurried home and got the pot roast in the oven for our dinner. We went to Christmas Eve service with my parents and then we had family over to our house to enjoy the pot roast.

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