Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas Day!

This year we had Christmas day at my parent's house in Illinois. My dad just LOVES breakfast, we definitely have that in common! So each Christmas he makes us a yummy spread of pancakes, meat, and eggs.
Of coarse when ever you come to my parent's house you will find cake and for breakfast we had some yummy coffee cakes from the Old World Bakery!

After breakfast my mom went to vacuum the floor and look who decided to hop on? My nephew Kaeden just loves riding on the vacuums. You would think he would be afraid of the loud noise, but he isn't?

Okay her are all the grandkiddos! My cousin Ryan and his wife Inga came in from North Carolina for Christmas. They were able to join us for Christmas morning. Their daughter Lucy is the 1 year old blondie!

There are 10 grandchildren in all! I think we have every hair color possible?!?!

My dad pulled out Santa hats for the next picture!

Wasn't a big hit with the kids.

Aunt Jenny with Penelope.

Here is our newest addition, Jonathan. He is such a little miracle, born way too early! He is doing great and is an excellent little baby. I think I have only heard him cry once!

After we opened all the presents. The extended family all came over. This year we decided to be way different, and instead of having a Christmas dinner we had appetizers. It was nice not to have a bunch of dishes, but I think I ate more food than I would at a meal. We kind of all grazed the whole evening.

We didn't see the older kids much as they were playing their 3DS's all evening. Anderson got one from my parents and he is really addicted to it!

I love Christmas and getting together with the whole family, such fun! We are definitely multiplying like crazy! My grandparents have 18 great grandchildren!!!! Yikes! See what 2 people can do? They can produce such love and joy!

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