Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Year's Resolutions for 2012

Okay, I know that we are half way through January and I am now just putting my New Year's Resolutions in writing! Yes, they were in my head, but putting them in writing just affirms them and then proclaims what they are, and then in turn it motivates me.

In the picture above, this is Chevy and myself at our good friend's, McMahon's, New Year's party. They do a couples party without the kiddos and we play fun games together and eat their yummy food. It is always a blast!

So, I broke my New Year's Resolution into 4 parts.


I joined Jazzercise this year. I want to go get my jazz squares on a least twice a week and run during the weekends. I do find that exercising helps my mood, especially during these winter months. I want to be more toned. I decided that I was going to take a break from running the 1/2 marathon this year and tone more of my mid section. I also want to be more aware of what I'm eating during the day. I just love chocolate and sugar. I want to add more fruits and vegetables to my diet.


I want to be more intentional about being in the Word daily. I know that my strength comes from the Lord. I want a deeper relationship with Him. Chevy and I will be making some big decisions soon and I want God to be the one making these decisions. I want Him to lead our family into the direction that He sees for our lives.


I also want to be more intentional about putting my husband first. Unfortunately, at the end of the day he usually gets what is left and is picking me up off the floor! I want to show love and respect to him. I want to show him how much I adore him as my husband.


I want to have more patience with my kids. I also want to work more on reading and teaching. My goal is to start Hooked on Phonics and really stick with it. I would love for Avi and Anderson to go into Kindergarten reading fluently. I would love for Ellie to be able to write more letters and I think she might even be ready for reading. She knows all her letters and sounds.

So, 2012 here you go!

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