Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Garage!

First, I want to start with, the garage is my husband's place/responsibility. Meaning, I take care of the inside of the house and I feel the garage is his domain. So, with that said, I'm a little embarrassed by the organization of the garage, but with 3 kids they almost take over the garage with their things.

Okay, we have a 3 car garage and we have 3 cars right now! Last week we could only fit one car in the garage. I told Chevy it would be really nice if we could put the car we don't use in the garage. So I went up and took a shower and then he went to work.

He got the car in the garage in a very interesting way. I give him a 10 for creativity. Avi and Anderson each have their own Escalade. Chevy put Avi's pink Escalade in the trunk of his car and then he put Anderson's Escalde on top of the hood of his car with a mattress underneath.
Here is Avi's car in the trunk of his car. Thanks Ryan for solving this problem!

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