Sunday, October 11, 2009

Anderson's Birthday

Birthday Boy! Happy Birthday Anderson Dale! Your name mean courageous one and boy does that meet your personality. You are one of our many three miracles and our little man. We love you so much! We love your fun spirit and love for life. You always love to have a good time and play so nicely with others. You continue to tell me how much you love me and that just melts my heart. You are a thankful child who usually uses his manners. I love how you love your sisters and how you have such a wonderful imagination. We love your spiky hair and that you do it to look nice for the ladies! Your love language is time. Your dad and I love spending time with you and hearing your fun laugh. You have had that laugh since you were 3 months old.
Baby boy you bring us so much joy and we absolutely love you to pieces. We pray that you continue to grow up in the ways of the Lord and that your love for God grows stronger! Happy Birthday!

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