Wednesday, October 28, 2009


The kids and I were going to their Tuesday class called Wiggles and Giggles that is taught at the park district and Ellie and Avielle were holding hands. Then I got thinking about sisters. I have three sisters and my sister Jamie who is 15 months younger than me, we had a close bond. We did everything together and I think we gave each other confidence and felt lost without each other.

Then I thought of my two girls! They are 19 months apart and will be a school year apart. They both love helping each other and Ellie just adores Avi and Avi adores Ellie. They are both the motherly type. Then I got thinking of how great their sisterhood could be and just prayed.

Avielle and Ellison I pray for you as sisters. My prayer is that you will care for each other and love each other. That you will be happy for one another and be the biggest encourager to each other. I pray you will be honest, faithful, and genuine with each other. That you two will be best friends throughout life.



  1. Beautiful tribute! You make me (an only child) want another daughter, pronto!!!

  2. You make me, as an only child, wish I had a sister! But I know what you mean and wish for the same thing for my boys, who are just shy of 26 months apart.