Tuesday, October 27, 2009


The other day I had a huge bag of apples and thought it would be fun to make applesauce. Anderson, Ellie and I really like applesauce. Here is Avi washing the apples for me. She is definitely my little helper. Whenever I'm in the kitchen she wants to be helping me.
I put all the apples in a pot. I put water from the tap up to the tops of the apples and then let it boil.
When they were nice and tender I used the grinder to smash them and the applesauce dripped out. Anderson enjoyed the applesauce. I think Avielle enjoyed helping make it more than eating it! It really wasn't hard to make, but I was surprised that it didn't make much!

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  1. Somer...have a great way to make applesauce and it is pretty easy. Buy an apple corer/peeler (can get one at a kitchen store for about 10-12 dollar) and use it to peel/and slice apples into rings. Stick them all in a crockpot and leave on low overnight. I always get them ready b4 bed...you could do the same thing all day. It is kind of chunky but so yummy and easy.