Monday, October 19, 2009

We Are Back!

Last week the kids and I went for a Visit to Michigan to see Nana, Grandpa, Auntie Renee, and Auntie Rachelle. The kids had their Birthday party the week before and Nana suggested that we come drive back with them to Michigan and spend the week with them. Unfortunately, Anderson was sick the day of his Birthday party. He wasn't acting his fun loving self that day so Ryan and I knew something was up! After his nap he woke up with a 102 temp.
Every time, it seems, Ryan's parent's come into town the kids are sick. One time they came to visit the kids they had horrible colds and Ryan's parent's were going to Las Vegas in a few days after their visit. Well, they all caught the kids colds and brought it to Las Vegas with them. Sorry guys!
Other than Anderson not feeling well, Anderson and Avielle had a lot of fun with their friends and family. We had a bouncy outside and we made crafts inside. The theme of the party was Hello Kitty and Handy Mandy. It was fun to see both pink and blue together. Praise the Lord it was sunny outside, but chilly! This is the first year it didn't rain on their Birthday party! Yeah!

Poor Anderson went to Michigan sick, but thankfully Nana is a nurse and she helped a lot! Even though Anderson was sick we still had a lot of fun. Anderson is so good when he is sick. Nana treated us to a lot of yummy lunches out. That was special since we are trying to save on money and haven't eaten out a lot. We went to the mall and played in their activity center, where Anderson scared me and Nana half to death! I was watching the kids and Anderson wondered off and went to the arcade. Thankfully a mom had spotted him wondering, because there was a lot of panic for 5 minutes that seemed to last for eternity!
On Anderson's Birthday, Nana and Grandpa took us to the Rain Forest Cafe. I think that every child in the restaurant had a Birthday that day! Ha! On Friday we went to the Children's Museum in Flint. The kids had so much fun. It is similar to the Kohl's Museum, but we had the place to our selves. If you know me, I love when that happens!
We also bundled the kids up and went to the castle park two days in a row. Those were the days Anderson was sick. We just needed some fresh air! I also took Avielle for her first haircut at the age of 3! It was a little trim, but she said she wanted a haircut like mommy. I told her that Daddy wants her hair long!
I was bummed to find that my camera battery died in Michigan so I didn't get to capture a lot of fun moments, only the park.

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